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Canada & New England

It's the perfect way to celebrate summer or autumn.  From summer's cool green leaves, til the fall when they undertake their annual transformation, bursting into Technicolor shades of crimson, gold and sunset orange, the very best view of the forests and panoramas and the best experience of the coastal lifestyle of North Eastern North America… is at sea.

Canada and New England cruises bring you the best of the North Atlantic: the gloriously European atmosphere of Montreal, Quebec and French Canada, the magnificent shoreline of the majestic St. Lawrence Seaway, post-card perfect pastoral seaside towns and villages of Eastern Canada, the rich Maritime culture of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Newfoundland, New England's coastal lifestyle with its iconic lighthouses, driftwood, sailboats and seafaring roots, and the early American history and exciting metropolitan lifestyles in cities in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New York and Maryland.

Escape to another world that's so close by with French savoir faire and fall foliage, icebergs and sand dunes, colonial history and Celtic culture, bagpipes and crab bakes, whale-watching and high-end shopping on a Canada/ New England cruise.

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